Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gettin Into the Italian

I'm not sure why I've been getting into my Italian (more than usual) but I have been making homemade pasta, Italian bread, manicotti, not to mention the Italian Christmas cookies.

I've been watching "Pasta Grannies" on YouTube:

And another food series, "Two Greedy Italians" - My father's parents were from Calabria so I was very interested in this episode. The part where they have to slaughter a pig made me get teary-eyed. I'm such a whoose. The men talk about the respect for food and how nothing is ever wasted.

Here are some of my creations. I usually don't even think of taking photos when I'm cooking so I don't have photos of some of the other pasta I've made.
The Cuccidati
Chocolate Totos
Crespelli (crepes) for Manicotti
Ricotta/spinach/parmigiano Filling
Rolled and Ready
Probably my Best Bread yet
I've also just started taking an Italian language course to brush up and hopefully improve on my limited conversational skills.

Is there a trip in my future? Not sure.


  1. Everything you made looks so DELICIOUS! Here's all the Italian you'll ever need to know -- "mangia, mangia!"

  2. Your goodies look luscious, Frank. I'm forwarding the videos to M.P. for review. He watches a couple of Italian cooking videos - an old woman does one, a young woman the other, but I can't call their names just now.



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