Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A Link to LGBTQ Nation Article to Help LGBTQI Ukrainians

 Here is an article and some links to help LGBTQI Ukrainians. I have not researched or verified any of this information and have not yet made a decision about which of these organizations i will support. You might want to do your own due diligence before making any donations.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Give Us Our Daily (Well Maybe Not Every Day) Bread

Just something I whipped up in my spare time today. When you're out of bread and don't want to drive the 35 miles to town for a loaf. Besides this is better than anything in town.
We are thankful for flour, yeast, water and salt.


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Tonight's Dinner: What Some People Call Weeds

Dandelion greens, lacinato kale,wilted in olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes; cannellini beans, very little Italian sausage just for flavor, black pepper, chicken stock. Served over a little white rice and topped with grated parmigiano reggiano.

Note: I remember way back when my aunts would all go out together in the spring to the Connecticut dairy farmlands (now upscale housing communities or shopping malls) to pick wild dandelions. Now we pay $3.79 for a bunch which is maybe 10 ounces, grown on California farms for people like me craving the food of my ancestors. 

P.S. I am not ignoring the news or current events. I just have nothing of import to add to the commentary or sentiments that I read or hear or see every day. My heart is weary and I cook.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

ACLU, Lambda Legal Brings Lawsuit Against Texas on Behalf of Trans Children and Their Parents

 I would like to re-post the entire article about the ACLU Lawsuit against Texas on behalf of the trans children and their parents who are being made in to criminals in Texas, but I will only post the link here.

ACLU, Lambda Legal steps in with lawsuit for family feeling the brunt of Texas investigation of trans children and their parents

 Please read the post. The right-wing evangelical hypocrites are waging all-out war on LGBTQ Americans...because they sense the "climate" is right to take away all of our hard-won civil rights. Bills in legislatures all across America are being put forth to destroy us, to make us criminals again, to wipe out our marriages, to deny transpersons the right to medical care for gender dysphoria, to make it against the law to even TALK about sexuality and gender in a classroom, to eliminate gender studies at the university Wyoming) and to build a colossal closet of legalities and booby traps.  

It sickens me that the attacks are predominately against trans children. At least when we marched and protested and even got arrested for our rights most of us were adults. Children should not be expected to take to the streets to defend their right to be who they are.

What is happening to our country? These fucking republicans are pure evil.

Just a Thought

As I commented on Russ' blog where he posted a letter by a Russian soldier:

 Leon and I watch the news, we ache in our hearts, we wonder not only about the Ukrainian people but also about the Russian soldiers who are Putin's Pawns in this deadly game of chess he is playing with otherwise peaceful, innocent people. 

 Living in this new world order where evil and horror and hate and lies and power and violence and irreverence have taken hold is not healthy for the human spirit. I can only hope that somehow this will all implode on those who thrive on spewing their toxic breath on the rest of us.


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