Saturday, April 7, 2018

Camping Trip to El Morro

Took a short camping trip in our RV last week. El Morro is a National Monument with hiking trails and Inscription Rock - a sandstone outcropping and source of fresh water (imagine traveling through the dessert and El Malpais - the badlands of sharp lava rock - and coming to the water at El Morro) where early travelers would carve their names and dates and other pertinent information. It is an interesting historic record. See the link for photos.

We stayed at Ancient Ways Cafe - El Morro RV Park. We hiked El Morro and El Calderon. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few photos:

The Hubby
View of El Morro from the Campground
View of El Morro from the Campground

Benni lounging among the free range chickens.

Hiking El Morro

Views from the campground

At El Calderone

We didn't eat any meals at the Cafe but did stop for coffee and a little dessert. I saw this apple pie in the display and thought it would go good with a cup of coffee.

Now the cafe's desserts can't compare to the ones that Mitchell and San Geraldo indulge in regularly in Spain, but this apple pie is, was, unique (or maybe not that unique here in New Mexico).

The first bite was a surprise, not quite a shock, but a definite surprise.
Apple Pie With PiƱon Nuts and GREEN CHILE


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