Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Is In The Air

This  song was played at the end of this week's episode of ABC's The Middle, a cute family comedy that gay people don't seem to watch.  I hadn't heard the song in years - for some reason it doesn't get air time on the oldies stations.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Few Photos of Lambda Car Club Rehoboth 2012

The "Straight Eights" Chapter of Lambda Car Club (Baltimore/Washington DC) held its grand invitational meet in Rehoboth.  Here are a few photos, compliments of Leon (LeBaron).  I am not the car buff in the family, but I know some of you guys just love this stuff.  Just a plug here for our chapter - Lambda Car Club Nutmeg Chapter (Connecticut).

Perhaps the best thing about being gone to Delaware for five days was that I didn't watch the news or read blogs about the presidential race.  I caught up on The Opponent's stupidity today... let's see, now, Why don't the windows in jet planes open so you can get some fresh air in case of a fire?  Gosh, we shouldn't pick on him, this campaigning stuff is hard to do.

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Photos - Rehoboth and Cape May

Leon and his LeBaron
I will get some of Leon's photos from the car show - I'm sure he has hundreds - and add them to this post or a subsequent post.
Rehoboth Streets are Well Planned and a Bit Boring 

The Sands Hotel from the Boardwalk
Sands Hotel - Cool Architecture 
We Stayed Here Fo Car Club Show
A Cute Tidy Cottage
Folk Art Concrete Wall
Crossing to Cape May
 Now call me judgmental and critical, but I thought Rehoboth was a bit stodgy - until we got to Cape May.  For sure there are some cool Victorians in Cape May and they are quite tidy, but sometimes too perfect is disturbing.  Cape May strikes me - first impressions - as rigid and uptight - even the restaurant we stopped at for lunch (Billy's) seemed inflexible and stingy - they didn't even have a lemon wedge for the glass of water as we requested - obviously lemons cost money and they weren't about to supply lemons with a "free" drink.

Ceramic Tiles

 Even these cabanas, which obviously belong to one of the big hotels, are precisely and evenly placed - not one higher or at a slightly different angle.  There is something disturbing about this - beaches should be free and carefree, not anal retentive.

 I still prefer the primitive and natural look of Cape Cod.  There are no big hotels on the beach, the beach landscapes are more interesting, not as flat, long and featureless.  I always find things to take photos of in Provincetown, but in Rehoboth I carried my camera, but couldn't really find much of interest to shoot.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where In The World Are We Now?

We just don't seem to stay put.  No, this is not Provincetown.

As Russ correctly determined, this is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Leon has been want to come here for years to join in the festivities of the annual Straight Eights Chapter of the Lambda Car Club.  This year they hosted a Grand Invitational, with over 300 attendees from all over the states.

I would be ostracized for saying so, but I have seen old cars before and if you've seen a hundred, you've seen them all.  I spent a few days on the beach while Leon and friend Ed talked cars with the other 300 guys at the event.  Unfortunately, most are old fellas like me, or I might have been looking at the "cars" too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Saga Continues

OK. I have neither the competence nor the stomach to expound on Mitt's disregard for half the US population. I will limit my comments to this:  If the greedy corporations had created (living-wage) jobs as the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy promised, instead of eliminating jobs in the US and keeping more of the profits in their Swiss bank accounts and other tax havens, maybe more Americans would actually  be in a position to have money to pay taxes on.  Instead, the Halliburtons and Koch brothers line their pockets with the profits of war and Wall Street while unemployment, poverty and homelessness skyrocket.  Besides, there is another segment of some percentage who pay no taxes - the very wealthy who can slither through loopholes and launder money and deduct the cost of their hobbies and maintain off shore and Swiss bank accounts.

These disgustingly, obscenely wealthy Republicans and their supporters literally make me ill and reading and listening to news coverage of the political scene is, I am becoming convinced, not good for my health.

In addition, although I invariably run as fast as I can from conspiracy theories, I've read some disturbing reports and theories about the "anti-muslum movie" and and how certain political forces have been or are manipulating the violence and unrest to their advantage.  The possibility that only the most powerful individuals believe they can play chess with the world and that most of us are merely powerless pawns reveals a cynicism beyond belief.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have joined some secluded, mountaintop monastery years ago.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rainbow Over Provincetown - A Sign?

While we were having dinner with friends, Ed and Jeff at Napi's this evening there was a report of a rainbow. 
Me and Leon
Ed, Jeff, Me, Leon 
I went out to see the phenomena and shot these photos:

Perhaps some evangelical religious fanatic could interpret this rainbow over Provincetown as a sign, but I'm sure they'd put a negative, hateful spin on it.  I prefer to think of it as a Rainbow in a town that really appreciates Rainbows.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Side Of Provincetown

Leon and I are always finding new things to do in PTown - we don't shop for t-shirts anymore or drink either.  We do the outdoors activities and drag the dog along.  He's a good pup loves the beach.

Yesterday we hiked the dune trail to the Dune Shacks at Race Point.  (For info on the historic Dune Shacks, follow the link) The trail starts at Rt.6 and it is about a 50 minute to 1 hour hike depending on whether you stop to take in the spectacular views or take pictures.  If you are not used to walking, it can be strenuous - up and down sand dunes which do not provide "terra firma"..  The trail goes to the shore, which is practically deserted.  There are always a few hikers or people who drive out with an over-sand pass with their 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The pictures here do not do justice to the landscape.  Almost reminds me of White Sands in New Mexico.
You Don't Know What Lies Ahead
Desert Landscape

Two of the Dune Shanties - One Looks Modern
Another Shanty

If This Were For Sale
It Would Probably Be Listed For $1.5 Million
No "En-suite" Facilities Here.
OMG, We've Got To Diet
 I spared you all the photo of the sea gulls feasting on dead harbor seal that washed up on shore.  It was a sobering sight.  Here is a butterfly instead:
Return Hike - Pilgrim Monument in Background


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