Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tent Rocks Hike - A Few More Photos

The National Parks celebrate 100 years - although Tent Rocks - Kasha Katuwe is technically a National Monument, not a Park.

Such public lands are in jeopardy from those  (Republicans, of course) who would "privatize" the National Parks and sell off all public lands to the highest bidder (corporations) who could then do as they please - close them to the public, develop them (build homes, cities, resorts, retail) or retain them for their own wealth for mineral, gas, oil or other purposes. 

What a shame that would be and a loss to every citizen of the United States.

Tent Rocks, the Musical

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rattlesnake 2 - Meow Wolf Yesterday and Tent Rocks - Kasha Katuwe Today

Had an encounter with a second rattlesnake last week. Benni was carrying a stick, saw the snake about 10 feet away, dropped his stick and stood still. Leon called Benni back and he came running. Maybe the rattlesnake aversion training worked.

Yesterday we went to an art installation in Santa Fe Called "MeowWolf" but it had nothing to do with cats or dogs or wolves. It is an interactive, creative, sculptural, multi-media, architectural, conglomeration that is supposed to tell a story with clues and portals into other dimensions. Kool.

It starts in an ordinary looking house...

Be sure to open the refrigerator!
And crawl into the fireplace

Today I hiked Tent Rocks National Monument - Kasha Katuwe with Len from Santa Fe and Allen from Pecos. Actually both are originally from Brooklyn and Bronx so they have a lot in common...they know every movie and old movie star and all the best lines ever spoken by Bette Davis.

Had a very nice time. Allen is a geologist, so he gave us an interesting perspective on the formations and rocks. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, nice breeze. 

Tent Rocks is about 5 miles from where we live, on Cochiti Pueblo and BLM land.
My Favorite Ranger
 Len in the white shirt, Allen in the dark shirt. As soon as they send me some pics they took of me, I'll add them in.

In Slot Canyon 

I think they're called Hoo-doos


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