Monday, October 20, 2014

Grow Old Along With Me

Leon gave me this sundial maybe twenty-three years ago, give or take.
It made me teary-eyed back then.

I'm well on my way to growing old along with him, although I have 14 years on him, so I growing a little older along with him than he is, if that makes any know what I mean.

And of course Mary Chapin Carpenter sang "Grow Old Along With Me" which also makes me teary-eyed. Too bad there isn't a gay version, one without the words "man and wife together" - I would like it  in my playlist if I could find such a version, sung by a male vocalist.

Two branches of one tree..."
Saw this tree today while walking the dog
I hoping the best is yet to be...though there's a good chance the best has already been...but we're going for it anyhow.


  1. I love sundials. This one with those words makes it really special.
    I know what you mean about songs you like but are oriented for the straight crowd.
    Love your last sentence of this post.

  2. Lovely sundial and lovely post. I have had the very same thought about that song, btw.

  3. We had the same exact sundial when we lived in Connecticut. We forgot it in the garden when we moved! So, we're growing old along with each other and it is not. I love that tree as a symbol of you and Leon. For some reason, as I read about how much more slowly Leon is growing old (well, not really), I thought of you as Saint Francis and Leon the Younger.



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