Friday, October 17, 2014

A Very Nice Comment and a New Poster

I received some great comments on Facebook (!) from a woman I've known for many years. We both worked in public health during the 1980s, in the early days of HIV/AIDS, doing counseling and HIV testing and education.

Laura has been one of the most supportive allies of the LGBT community in Connecticut. Here is what she said about Did You Ever See A Horse Go By?

Laura Schlesinger Minor 
Just finished reading it. Thank you, Frank for sharing such intimate details of your life to help those of us who didn't have to hide who we are understand what it takes to do it. Having known you for close to a quarter century, I'm so glad to have this book to add depth to knowing what your earlier life was like. The epilogue in particular is very moving.

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  1. Thanks for writing the book, ou always dreamed abpput writing, I enjoyed reading about the early years of your life.
    I have enjoyed eading about thefriends we had or and the places we frequented, off course many geat memories.



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