Sunday, October 25, 2020

32nd/6th Anniversary

We spent most of the day getting ready for a winter storm. We are expecting freezing temperatures along with rain and snow. So we had to take in the potted plants, take down the sun shade over the deck, clean the gutters (Leon’s job) and clean up. 
Not how we planned to spend our Anniversary. 
But after all the chores were done I picked up on plan one: a nice dinner for two. 
Restaurants are out of bounds of course so I cooked all day Thursday and Saturday. 
Made homemade ravioli and tomato sauce with meatballs, sausages, roasted pork. A little antipasto, bread, cheese and wine. 
We are talking a break right now before going for dessert - almond biscotti and decaf.

Beats the Olive Garden by a mile. 

The thing is that after thirty-two years Leon just expects nothing less. 



  1. Congratulations! And what a pretty feast you made - looks yummy. You guys are very lucky indeed.

  2. Happy 32nd/6th... but especially the 32nd! Good for Leon. Our romantic dinners are spent in front of the TV.

  3. Happy Happy. And cheers to the next six and the next six and so on!

  4. Happy Anniversary, you guys! What a wonderful feast!



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