Friday, March 2, 2012

Gay Popcorn Movie 4 - Welcome to Woop Woop - If You Can Find It

I just have to get away from all the seriousness in the news and blogs.

So....Here's a movie you've probably never heard of: Welcome to Woop Woop by the people who brought you Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.  It is one of Leon's and my favorite fun movies to watch every now and then, just for a little madness.

I'm surprised it has not become somewhat of a gay cult movie - it certainly has a lot of gay sensibility undertones: the hairdresser, segments from South Pacific and The Sound of Music), not to mention the eye candy provided by Johnathon Schaech.

The movie takes place in Australia, in a place called Woop Woop which makes the deep South of Deliverance look like Disneyland.  Here's a taste:

Unfortunately, Welcome to Woop Woop is not available on Netflix, either instantly or on DVD.  And it may be hard to find in your local video store as well.  But if you want to see a wild, crazy, escape-from-the-current-events type movie - go find Woop Woop somewhere.

You'll either love it or you'll hate me for recommending it!

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Moving with Mitchell said...

I have GOT to find this! I already know I will thank you (again) for recommending it.


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