Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Spring

It's early, even for a crocus.  
And the warm weather has me outdoors doing yard work.  
I am surprised that I'm that motivated.  
Because I've been in this funky mood - just blah.
Can't seem to get excited about anything 
- or more accurately - 
Can't seem to find anything to get excited about.
So yard work is a good prescription.
I enjoy the solitude, the sunshine, the warmth.
The dog wanders around while I work.
Coming 'round to check on me now and then.
He doesn't have to say a word.
I just say, "You're such a good boy!"
He's not flattered and runs off.
I hope he doesn't step on the crocus.


  1. Pretty little flowers. Daffodils bloomed here a couple weeks ago.

  2. Spring has sprung here, too.
    It'll be 84 today!



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