Thursday, March 8, 2012

Town and Country

Nice thing about where we live, at least when there's no snow, is that even though we are near town we have some of the elements of rural life as well.

We've been visited every morning during the past week by a very nice pheasant  and I got a few pictures.  The dog, Benni, has been itching to get out when the pheasant is strutting around, but we don't think it would be wise to let him get up close and personal with the bird.


  1. He (or she) is beautiful! I hope it doesn't end up on someones dinner table though. I can't imagine killing such a beautiful creature.
    And to think I get excited to see my first robin of Spring.

  2. How pretty. Very mild winter here, no snow - so far (knock wood) - and lots of sunny, 50ish days.

  3. Stan, This is male of the species, which is the more colorful. The bird is more likely to be dinner for a coyote or bob cat than the neighbors. Russ, This is the mildest winter I can remember - yesterday saw temps near 70 here and we've not had a long-lasting snow this winter. Not quite beach weather, but can't complain.



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