Monday, November 14, 2011

Americans - Beware Cynicism and Apathy

Thanks to TruthSpew for this:


  1. I always like to hear what Robert Reich has to say. What he says is the Republicans mantra, talking points that they say over and over again. I guess they think if they say it often enough it might be true. Corporations are sitting on over 2 trillion dollars in record profits right now. What do they need tax cuts for? If Republicans win next year we are sunk!

  2. Awesome. The two points that stand out for me are the record profits, as Stan mentioned. And the part about mass cynicism - if they convince everyone to give up faith in the government, they win.

    A very sly propaganda operation. Which is awfully goddamn scary.

  3. Hey, you're welcome. Spread it far and wide.



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