Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michelle Booed at Nascar

This is old news already and I won't post the video, but apparently Michelle was booed by a large section of the Nascar crowd in Florida.  

It is evident that hatred, much of it racist, for the President and Mrs. Obama is out there and people, even "genteel" southerners have lost their sense of propriety and feel free to cross the lines of civility.

Comments made by news/video feed readers and watchers reinforce this, and, although some "justify" the booing based solely on the President's disapproval record, their hatred and racism is still evident.

To add insult to injury, Rush Lamebrain defended the boo-ers, calling Michelle "uppity" among other things.   I couldn't even get through the entire clip because the sound of his voice makes my skin crawl.  I don't think even Dante could have conceived of a level of Hell low enough for him.

Sometimes I really get the sense that there are two species of humans on this earth, and we have been under the delusion that we are all one.  Either that or, as eminent physicists have theorized, we are trapped in  some nightmarish "parallel universe".

Either way, this sucks.

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Stan said...

Some of those Nascar fans are a real class act.

Anonymous said...

That's the whole thing behind the hatred of President Obama, the mind of those people is "How did an uppity black man become President?"

It's disgusting. She is the First Lady, and deserves respect. Sure we can comment on her style of dress but that's the extent.

Frank said...

And she was there to support veterans!

Russ Manley said...

There are still some few genteel Southerners, but the Nascar crowd is mostly a redneck, flag-waving, God-fearing, beer-drinking, homo-hating bunch, and I wasn't at all surprised by their crudity.

Limbaugh is lower than a snake. There's nothing more needs to be said there.

But yes it does seem more and more a nightmare world we're living in, and no doors or windows to escape through. Ugh.


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