Thursday, March 15, 2012

Word Verification

Sorry guys, I'm going back to using Word Verification.  I've been getting a slew of spam "comments" from "anonymous" suggesting websites to visit, things to buy and some that are just gobbledygook. Pain in the butt to have to moderate.


  1. Switch over to another comment system. I use Intense Debate and never get any spam. There is also called Disque or something like that. Something to consider!
    Okay, now let me try to figure out these letters below. Is that an r or an m?

  2. Mark, You are more tech savvy than me. I will look it up when I have a few hours to spare...

  3. After reading the above comments, I guess I need to change what I was going to write, because it looks like you making a shift to WordPress won't happen anytime soon, so I won't suggest it. I use WordPress (instead of Blogger) and have no problems with spam. The little bit I do receive gets caught by the filters.

  4. Hi Frank, I used blogger comments before and got those spam comments. Moved to Disqus about a month ago and really like it. Nice threaded commenting system and it does encourage discussion.

  5. Looked at Disqus and will need a few hours. The instructions for Blogger don't look anything like my Blogger account - even when I use the new update look. ?????

    I checked out Debate and trying to sign in wants to know if I already have a Wordpress account, which I do...but trying to find my log in info...yuk..I hate this stuff....

    So for now, you get WORD VERIFICATION

  6. I came to the same conclusion some months back!

  7. I see you left the name/web on. Good, that's the only way we OpenID and Wordpress folks can make comments.

    I know Blogger has been made aware of the OpenID issues but they appear to not give a flying leap.



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