Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Boys

My honey suprised me with a birthday trip to Ptown this week.  It is also Benni's birthday - he is two years old and lovin' it here on the beach.  I won't tell how old I am, though you can probably guess.
Tuesday - lunch al fresco.
Yesterday the whales were putting on quite a show off shore.  You could hear them bellowing as they breached and spouted and splashed.

Who'd have thought we'd be in short sleeves on the beach, in New England in March, watching whales!

When we got back to the hotel, there were flowers waiting for me.  It brought tears to my eyes.  My honey is too good to me, and it's common knowledge that I am a cranky, crabby old fart who doesn't deserve such a good man.  He is always doing nice things for me.  I cook.

Ptown is under major construction - new water mains are going in and a lot of buildings are getting makeovers.

Today we were at the beach again - in shorts and Leon even complained of sunburn.  This is NOT Florida!
Birthday boy Benni.


  1. Oh wow, that really is romantic. I say you're both damn lucky guys. Happy birthday - and many happy returns!

  2. Happy Birthday to the "both" of you!
    So, how old are you in dog years, 7, 8? Feel better now?
    Looks like a great time. Did you each get your own bed? That would have been perfect for me. ha!
    Again, Happy Birthday!

  3. In dog years 448. Thanks.

    Separate beds - yes,... and, no.

  4. Happy birthday! And the reason the whales are so active: the government has severely curtailed fishing in the region to allow stocks to rebound. So that's why we have whales, dolphins, and seals in our waterways. There's food there.

    And the weather, yes, perfect for early spring. Supposed to head back into the 50's over the weekend but they'll bounce up again I'm sure.



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