Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flowers On A Hot Summer Day

It's nice to know that while out illustrious, do-nothing congress holds the country hostage and marriage equality is up for debate and human rights are summarily dismissed in places like Ghana, flowers still blossom, as if nothing is more important than a show of color.

My sister-in-law gave us this hydrangea about seven years ago.  It has never blossomed because I kept trimming back the "dead" shoots in winter.  Finally, Leon was listening to the Plant Lady on the local PBS radio last fall and she said not to cut back the dead wood.  Well, I now have blossoms and, even more special is the fact that it is a Lace Hydrangea - a lacy center surrounded by the large, more typical hydrangea flowers.  I did not expect such a surprise!
The Uncommon But Lovely
Lace Hydrangea
In the Dog Park - a big field where people let their dogs run, the chicory is in bloom - the same cool blue as the hydrangea.

Also in bloom is the lowly Queen Anne's Lace, which I always considered weedy and homely, but it does have it's own special loveliness.

See Queen Anne in the center of the flower


  1. Lovely photos, the hydrangea is beautiful; that was a favorite of my nanaw's.

    Everything down here is just burnt up with the heat and the sun. My lawn is the color of toast.

  2. No matter what happens in the world, we'll always have flowers.....

  3. Those lace topped hydrangea's are beautiful. It's great that you learned the secret of not cutting back the dead wood. Never to old to learn eh?!

  4. Beautiful flowers! Nice to take a break from thinking about those idiots in Congress. We had a beautiful hydrangea in Connecticut. Love the blue!

  5. We're not quite toast yet, but getting there...we can only hope there'll always be flowers...not too old to learn, just too old to listen...ah, but Spain must be wonderful..



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