Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking News: Prices on Everything To Go Up 64%


Imagine that headline on the evening news or your local newspaper which was $1.50 and is now $2.46.

The $4 gallon of milk at Fast Mart is now $6.56.

The $100 grocery bill rings up at $164 now and that will come out of your wallet every time you stock up.

The electric bill has been pretty steady at $130 per month but from now on you'll be paying $213.

A fill-up of fuel oil for the coming winter is now $820 instead of the $500 you budgeted and there will be more fill-ups to come.

That inexpensive refrigerator at Sears just went from $390 to $640.  Thank goodness you don't have to buy one every month.  Forget the Honda Fit at $18,000 - its now just about $30,000.

As one of the fortunate low-income individuals eligible for the State's Low Income Health Insurance Plan my rates just went up 64%.  How in any Deity's Name can this be justified?  What other commodity can get away with this kind of exorbitant price increase?  Perhaps this is, in part, due to the State's fiscal crisis, but it surely is mainly due to the Insurance Mafia that is allowed to continually extort the consumer for more profits.

When WILL this end?


Craig said...

That's outrageous! It's not like you can choose not to have it either. Thank goodness for our NHS.

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable. I so want the United States to have a National health care system where ALL are covered without cost to the individual.

It would be far cheaper than what we have now. I look at what I pay per year for what I term craptastic insurance (With a $6K deducitble!)

In essence more and more of the cost is being pushed onto us.

And it has been demonstrated time and again that if you move medicine closer to the individual both health outcomes and lifespans INCREASE.

What better for a countries economic policies than a populace that is healthy and productive?

Russ Manley said...

That sucks, Frank. Guess they expect you to sell the TV, the DVD player, the microwave, the coffeemaker, and the washing machine. And that's just for the first month.

Meanwhile, the boys on Wall Street making a *bonus* of a million a year are laughing their butts off at you and me, poor suckers.

And the Republican party goes from strength to strength, it seems. As someone commented this week on another blog, it's like a French Revolution in reverse: the workers rampaging through the streets demanding more power to the aristocracy!

I'm so sorry bud.


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