Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why "Dubya" Smells Like A Rose

Thanks to Patently Queer for this poster - no other credits available:

He literally "Sold the Country" to pay for a personal war to win his daddy's approval.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link to Truthspew's Post on "Target Ain't People"

This isn't quite the protest of the 70's and 80's but I'm sure glad there's something going on.


Substitute any and all corporations for target.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Photos of Provincetown

(As always - Click to Enlarge)
Just returned from a few days in PTown - one of my favorite places, and by far, my favorite Summer Place. As expensive as ever. That's why we stay at the campground.  This was the week before Carnival Week - one of the Town's big crowd attractions.  Although we saw several "Vacancy" signs up and it was mid-week, my theory this year is that the economy hasn't impacted the Cape to any great extent because those who used to summer in Europe or elsewhere are cutting back and slumming in PTown.
For example:
The yacht comes with 3 matching Vespas, of course.
We were disappointed to learn that the sailing Schooner Hindu wasn't in port this year.  We met up with Captain Kevin at a seafood restaurant in Wellfleet.   Apparently the ship was seized in Key West as the on-going drama between the financier, the bank and the operator came to a head.  Supposedly the issue will be settled soon, but too late for the Hindu to return to Provincetown this season.
Leon at Maria's

You have to press the shutter-button half down to focus, then all the way...
View from Commercial Street
Rainbows, no rain
Morning Coffee at Joe's
Souvenirs anyone?
Pink Beach Rose on Blue Sky
Ruby Slippers
Hatch's Harbor

Bay Lady's First Mate

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Park Contrasts


Just got back from our brand new town Dog Park.  While there, amongst locals the history and origins of the dog park were being touted by one of the organizers of the group that helped to fund it.  She happened to mention, with a slight snicker, that the parking lot for the dog park used to be frequented by gays.  How they used to park there, etc.  and how drug deals used to transpire.  "Oh, well, I guess we've displaced a couple of groups ... there seem to be a lot of cars parked in the other parking lot now ... but I'm not asking what they're doing." Snicker, snicker.

I'm sure she is a more or less "with it" type of woman and her comments were obviously made thinking she was in totally heterosexual company.  My guess is there was at least on other gay guy there beside me.  Small minded people are so ignorant.

I became really uncomfortable almost immediately and rounded up Bennie who was not near ready to leave.  My anger is maybe out of proportion.  I take things too seriously. I suppose.

But we had just got back from Provincetown where we discovered their new dog park.  Bennie had such a good time playing with other dogs in PTown that I thought he'd like our local park.  Well he did, I didn't.

In PTown one assumes AT LEAST 50% of the people you run into are Gay or Lesbian.  The folks (Gay and Straight) at the Provincetown Dog Park were super friendly and so welcoming of one another, whether you were a resident, a seasonal, a visitor or a tourist.

Friendly, Welcoming, Inclusive, Clean and Beautiful  PTown Dog Park

But here, in the town where I live, I'm made to feel like a second class citizen.  "They" used to park here, but now "We" park here. 

Well, I met my hubby of 22 years this month in a place not unlike that.  Can't gay people have a few small corners of the earth where we can meet and socialize and not be bothered by you straight assholes?

I wish I was a razor-tongue queen.  I would have said to the bitch, "Yeah, your husband use to be here all the time."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Proposition 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

8/5/10 - Well, I read most of it - When rational thought prevails - this is what makes America great.





 This is a great moment!

As I just posted to TruthSpew, I have this comment which I've not heard from other commentators:

"The only drawback of the trial was how pathetic the Prop 8 position was presented.  If they had presented a stronger case (I'm sure they could have done better) the victory would have been that much sweeter - and stronger.  As it stands, I think the decision leans heavily on the weakness of the defense.  I don't know how the higher courts view this deficiency.  Can they throw out the decision based on the incompetence of the defense?"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Car Club Widow

Leon has been at a Lambda Car Club Invitational event in Detroit this past week.  He drove out in the Ford Pickup with a friend and I've been home with the puppy.
It frightens me how I've missed him.  I've felt lost and lonely - reverting back to those feelings that were so familiar when I was single, when I would both want contact with others and not want to be with anyone.  With Leon, I don't need anyone else to feel complete, safe, content.  With Leon, socializing with others is actually more enjoyable.  With Leon, just about everything is more enjoyable.   

I am not a very social or socially-comfortable person, so I tend to avoid social contact even while feeling lonely.  There have been periods when I've made the effort to be more social - when I first came out and got involved with a slew of gay organizations, or when my job required it - but I easily revert to being an introvert (INFP). Leon is much more outgoing and social so with him, I get thrust into social situations, sometimes against my will, and can pass as "comfortable".   When I reach my sociability threshold I can lay back and Leon easily takes up the slack.  Then we go home.

So, this week I was adrift.  I lacked the motivation to blog, to do yard work, to do projects around the house.  Thankfully I had some grant work to do and I did go hiking with the dog and to the beach one day and I mowed the lawn.  Got together last evening with the other Car Club Widow and had Chinese. 

So Leon and friend are on their way home now and may do an overnight to break up the long drive - or may drive straight through.  I'm looking forward to his coming home, whether late tonight or sometime tomorrow.  He's had a good time, but he's been gone too long.  


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