Friday, June 17, 2011

Samba Blessing

That wonderfully romantic but way too straight French film "Un Homme et Une Femme"  had some good music. This Samba is nice.

Here it is in Brazilian Portuguese:

While I love the French version, the Portuguese is so earthy.

And one more - unfortunately I couldn't find this version by a male artist and there is no "Gay" version that I'm aware of...someone needs to do that.

More to come as I get into my summer Brazilian mode....


  1. There's just something about the French language in music and movies - I'm a sucker for it. But I'm biased because we lived there. But I agree, you can't beat a good samba.

  2. Girl from Ipanema is such a lovely, lovely melody . . . I too have wished I could hear a gay version. Thanks for sharing this one, at least she got the lyrics right.



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