Friday, June 2, 2023

Semi-retiring as a Blogger

 Those of you who check in now and then know my posts have been fewer and farther between this past year or two or three. Thanks for reading and for your comments. I will be reviewing past posts from the bottom up and likely will be deleting things as I go along...though even that seems like an ambitious project and one that will probably fall by the wayside.

If I do any new posts, they will more often be photos as I no longer have much to say about anything. 

I spend way too much time on JMG (Joe My God) reading depressing news and comments that range from childish and trite to intelligent and informative...but as all the readers and commenters are "preaching to the choir" the commentary is basically for naught. So another ambitious goal is to spend less time reading news and commentary.

I do get into the YouTube cooking and gardening videos but even there I find some good and some very confusing info. 

And I may have to start cooking LESS... Less food, not less often. Even though we are pretty much on a "Mediterranean Diet" Leon and I both need to lose weight.

I had to take Leon to the ER early on Tuesday morning as he wasn't feeling well when he got up at 4:30 AM to get ready for work. Long story short, 2 EKGs and he was carted off the the Cath Lab for an angiogram. He now has 2 stents in his descending anterior artery. They kept him in the hospital for recovery and likely due to his history of A-fib scheduled an echocardiogram for yesterday morning. He had a bad reaction to the dye they injected into a vein (for the echocardiogram) and a scary A-fib attack as a result. They got everything under control very quickly and he was doing very well after that. They are tweaking his medication and he should be discharged this afternoon. It was a scary ordeal, but hopefully all is well now.

To put this in perspective, we were out in the wilderness on Monday, Memorial Day, with friends. If he'd had the heart attack then we would have been hours away from medical care. And on Tuesday, the day he went to the ER, had he gone to work, he would have been working on a scouting out a new section of the Continental Divide Trail and likely hiking 6+ miles. And there would be no access to medical care there either. So, thankfully we were at home and I was able to drive him to the ER. (Emergency 911 where we live would have likely taken longer).

So back to the Mediterranean Diet...I need to cook less of a good thing. We eat lots of veggies, moderate amounts of I lie. Lots of pasta when I make pasta which is sometimes twice a week. Chicken, pork, rarely beef and fish at least once a week, which, living in the desert means frozen fish grilled or sauteed. No processed or pre-prepared food. A bit too much ice cream and frozen yogurt. And I do have a sweet tooth (but hey, if you've been to Italy you would know that the Mediterranean Diet includes plenty of delicious things like tiramisu, canoli, sfoliatelli, cornetti, gelato, etc. So that's a diet I can stick to...but cutting down the portions might be tough.

Anyhow, that's the update until we meet again.

Ranger Leon - Last Monday


Russ Manley said...

Oh Frank, what a scary time you all have had. I know the feeling. But how fortunate this episode happened at home, not miles out in the wilderness. I hope Leon gets well soon, and I know you will give him lots of TLC as needed.

But please don't disappear from Blogger! You're my oldest blog friend, and I for one would be very sad to see you go - I always look forward to your posts and pics. If nothing else, maybe you could just post a YT gardening or cooking video once or twice a month so I know you guys are still kicking.

Whatever you decide to do, good buddy, take care and God bless.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear Leon is doing well and has new stents to help in the future! Yes, it was lucky this happened at home where medical assistance was nearby. Good luck with the diet -- portion sizes are a great place to start! We truly do eat way more food than we actually need to.

I hope you pop in to blog every now and again and let us know how things are going!

Bob said...

Sending all positive thoughts to both you and Leon, and wishing for a speedy recovery.

kent said...

so glad you were able to get care quickly

Moving with Mitchell said...

So glad Leon's OK and that you were both home at the time. I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos when you're so inclined. Take good care of each other and eat well!


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