Saturday, November 12, 2016

Back To Life Before Facebook

Natasha! Damn Moose and Squvirrel
deleted Facebook account!
How vill ve ever keep up vit them?

I have deleted every post and photo from my Facebook account. And deactivated the account.

The election cycle did me in. And now it has gotten even worse...

Hope to lower my anxiety and blood pressure (figuratively on the BP - I think mine is OK).

Hope to focus on the things that matter...without the Facebook interchange...which is so a waste of time. So much worse than porn!

Really, how many more good years are left me? ten? twenty? (that would be pushing it) longer want to waste a good part of my day checking the "posts" of friends and foes and passing on headlines and news clips and pictures of puppies and kittens and silly videos and sickening sweet sayings and posters.


Russ Manley said...

You came back from the Dark Side! In one piece, too. Good for you, Frank - welcome back to reality.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I've been finding facebook a bitt too much to bare, lately. I use it to get my latest blog link out there and I don't go any further. And fighting the daily battle with my clinical depression is not going well. Thanks for being out there!


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