Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

My husband and I have had a blessed year. I'll leave it at that because I have no desire to make a speech about all I am thankful for. (I feel more inclined to take a vow of silence for an indefinite period of time.)

 Happy Thanksgiving to all. PEACE.

Some photos:

A hike to 8,500 feet on St. Peter's Dome Mt. New Mexico, near where we live.

Cochiti Lake in the Distance

From the Forest Fire a few years ago
Hiked over a mile from the gate to the tower
Hiking a mile when you're already at 8,000 feet
(and 68 years old) is challenging.
Abandoned Fire Tower
I was sure Leon was trying to do me in
Fennel "Finnochio" from the Garden
for Thanksgiving Dinner
Pumpkin Ricotta Cheesecake, Apple Pie
Sage Bread


  1. Thanks for the pie and the breads. You know where to ship them! Every time) I've been in your 'high' part of the country I ended up with awful altitude sickness. The first time, I thought I was dying. I suppose I'd eventually adjust, but I can't imagine doing that climb!

  2. Great views and lovely baked goods. Hope you recovered enough from the hike to have a pleasant turkey day at home.



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