Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom

What a wonderful, dignified man and President. I never tire of listening to him.
Start counter at approximately 50 minute mark.


  1. I watched the ceremony earlier today. A lovely thing.

    BTW, I'm glad the Prez gave a medal to Cicely Tyson - she did just a handful of movies in the 1970's and was so good in them. Then just seemed to disappear, poof, and was never seen or heard from again and I always wondered what happened to her. I could google up her career but whatever the reason, it was nice to see her again.

  2. I loved seeing this! And, Russ Manley, I'm happy to report that the exceptional Cicely Tyson has been working fairly consistently since the '60s (and even in the late '50s). I love her!



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