Friday, April 10, 2015

We Must Be Crazy

Having been through the Winter From Hell here in Connecticut where there are still some patches of unmelted snow here and there - snow that fell in January mind you, you would think we would go South for some relief. Instead we went to visit Bob and Diane in Vermont because Diane goes for surgery next week. Had a real nice visit and Bob made a great pasta and meat sauce.

Here is what it looked like at their long driveway and at their house in Whitingham. NOTE: Today IS APRIL 10th. There is NOT supposed to be this much snow on the ground EVEN IN VERMONT!

 This is from their back deck, overlooking a pond in the mist - I think this is a nice photo, despite the nasty snow.


  1. Thanks Climate Change.

    Pretty pictures though!

  2. Three months ago, I would have said, "How picturesque!" Now, all I can think to say is, "What the hell!!!"



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