Monday, March 30, 2015

Living High On Social Security

I don't shop often and almost never at Kohl's Department Store - except when they send me a coupon for $10. They do this with no strings attached, about 3 or 4 times each year. Then I usually go there and browse the clearance rack to find something to spend my ten dollars on.

Recently my 20 year old Swiss Army Victorinox watch stopped running and I had some batteries that I bought last time my watch went dead. I guess either the batteries are no good or the watch is no good. And, well, it could be expensive either way.

But today I got lucky. Kohl's had watches on sale. I looked at the Timex models but man have they gone up in price. I found a nice looking off-brand watch that laughably says "Diamond" on the face. The regular price: $19.99. Right in my price range. At the checkout it rang up for the sale price of $12.99. After applying my $10 coupon and state sales tax I paid a whopping $3.18. Probably less than a battery. Hope it lasts at least a year.

And later, at Costco, where we went for lunch (Leon had the $1.49 hot dog and soda combo, I splurged for the $2.49 sausage with pepper and onion on a roll) I saw a watch I didn't buy:
I think mine is prettier.

And then I saw the other watch I didn't buy:

Mine is also stainless steel, but has a faux leather wrist band instead of the pretty expandable. And it has Roman numerals and no pretty dials showing the day and month and whatever. My phone does that.

So the way I figure it, I saved $3,196.48. I wish I could do that every day. I just don't know what I'm going to do with all that extra cash.


  1. I love YOUR watch. Your final statement made me laugh out loud. That's exactly the way San Geraldo thinks. Unfortunately, it's also the way he acts!

  2. I've really not worn a watch in years. Ever since smart phones became common.

    Why? Because the clock on those is super accurate - it gets network time which we I.T. people know as NTP aka Network Time Protocol.

  3. "All that extra cash" - haha. Good job on the shopping.

  4. I'm not so concerned about accuracy - don't care if I'm a minute late or a minute early - approximate is goo enough. I do have an iPhone but just hate digging it out of my pocket and turning the damn thing on just to check the time. Especially if I have three layers of clothing and a pair of winter gloves. A wrist watch is so much handier, so to speak.

    And Russ, I love a bargain!



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