Monday, April 28, 2014

Earning My Keep or Another Chapter in How To Retire On Next To Nothing And Make Do.

I've decided not to write a commentary about the canonization of JPII and John XXIII. Or about the Harvey Milk commemorative Forever stamp. Or about lesbian Navy veterans. Or about UCC clergy suing for marriage equality.

I am finding that I am not up to such commentary. As a life-long under-achiever, I've never been "well-read" or well informed or particularly adept at teasing out political or social subtleties.

So for today I'll stick to frugality. Maybe I should write the book on how to retire on next to nothing. No, I'll do that tomorrow.
When the trellis was new
Today's project was repairing (jury-rigging) for the third time, the garden trellis that has served as our outdoor shower for at least eight years.
A couple of years ago - still looking good
The trellis is made of wood - obviously not pressure treated, but it has stood up to water and weather pretty well. Last spring it was beginning to fall apart at the glued joints and some of the wood was showing signs of rot.

I repaired (jury-rigged) it last spring and figured that it would have lasted through the season. This spring the whole thing fell over in the wind and was in about a dozen pieces.

So today's project was to put it back together - to rebuild it, better, stronger than before...

So I gathered up my tools and any scrap wood that I thought could be used and some wood glue and staples and screws and I put the darn thing back together. I re-glued the spindles and then fastened them with screws and staples, then reinforced the arch with wood pieces on the back. Then reinforced the whole trellis which was so lopsided. And rebuilt the planters on the sides.

It will last through this summer. Granted it doesn't look as good as it did when new, but I priced out some new models, none of which have that kind of Zen Garden look. And I was blown away by the prices.

Finished Project
Ours cost about $39 in 2006 - I think it came from Ocean State Job Lot. Eight years later, Home Depot and other retailers have trellises for $160 to over $500. OSJL doesn't have them anymore.

So we don't need to go out and spend anything and I earned my keep for the day.

I had to find some old photos and came across this one.
Wasn't just the trellis that looked better in 2006 


  1. Whoa, how'd I miss the skin pic? More, please!

  2. The trellis is a wonder and so is Mr. Hot and Sexy 2006! I'll bet you'd look just as hot and sexy in that pose today!



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