Monday, April 21, 2014

Deleted 2 Posts and Trying to Stay Out of a Rut

I deleted the last two posts as they were lazy and unthinking - I made no effort to research or do commentary. And I don't want to pass on a link even if it is from the New York Times, if the author has been discredited by other, more intelligent commentators than me. Russ pointed out that my last link may not have been entirely credible.

As I said to Russ, I think it best to stick to stuff I really care about and want to comment on - my own personal interests and perspectives. And lately, except for our trip to New Mexico, there is little I feel like commenting on.

Our vacation was great and I climbed out of my rut briefly - and I don't want to fall back in. 

As far as writing goes, my heart is not in it (blogging) at this point - at least when I have nothing new to say. I was not away from it long enough to really disengage from the political-religionist-opinionated-popcultural dominated babble.

I find that the blogosphere just gets me down too much. As much as I want to keep informed, I am coming to the realization that TMI is detrimental to my health and well being. There is substance for sure on the internet but so much is People magazine and Entertainment Tonight - to my way of thinking, drivel. 

"Trending" is the latest word I dislike. It says so much about our society: nothing is permanent - or even long-lasting - or even briefly important. Everything is a flash, a burst of light and sound and then it just evaporates into the void. What is real? What is worth keeping? 

I'm not sure what the correct balance is for me. I've spent some time writing a memoir because I felt compelled to do so. It may be published in September. Since completing that, I've tried to write again, but don't seem to have anything I want to say. My writers' group encourages fiction writing, but I'm not a great story teller. So I'm stuck there.

But it is finally spring and I would hate to spend these lovely days in front of my computer. 

I once thought that blogging would give me chance to write and see if anyone thought my writing was any good. I've had some good feedback now and then - but I think I have only about 20 followers (some are relatives and friends who don't really follow, so they don't count). My most popular post is about a big black lump that grew on our late Bruno's (our dog) head. So for what it's worth.

I've been here before. It reminds me of high school. I was in Advanced Placement English class - and pretty much hated it. I'm one of those under-acheivers - smart enough to know I'll never be as smart as the kid next to me.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I'm one of those under-achievers, too. On a good day I simply say, "Aw, fuck that kid next to me!"

    I try so hard to not worry about who's following or who's commenting and just write the stories for myself (and that as you know is impossible to do).

    I love reading your blog and, since it is all about me after all, please keep writing.



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