Friday, January 18, 2013

Chillin' and Chilly

It's winter...we've had snow, cold, some warmer days, then cold and snowy again.  They are predicting very cold weather for the coming the 20's.  But that is not cold by past standards.  I remember often having temps in the teens and below zero.

So, doing a lot of sitting at home when not out snow-removing or hiking with Benni.  Been reading all the Gay and not so Gay news in the blogs here and there.  Haven't felt the need to repeat any of it here.  

I've applied for Medicare.  Damn, you have to be OLD to do that.  I've been on a more or less, low-fat, lower calorie diet due to the liver situation but still having some discomfort now and then.  Will be following up on that situation soon.  I've lost about eight pounds, another thirty two to go.

But to go along with winter time chillin' and winter time chilly would be a good bowl of winter time chili. 

Hum...sounds like a plan, but will my liver approve?
Relaxing in the sunroom
Benni Catching A Snowball 
Great Fun


  1. I can recall in past years freezing my ass off at New Years Eve celebrations in Providence.

    Now, it's in the mid to high 40's and even 50's for the beginning of January. And think about it, we're about 9 weeks from spring.

  2. Although, I do recall that about 8 or 9 years ago we reached about 78 degrees one January and last March 21 we were in PTown on the beach - it was about 80.

  3. You're sunroom looks nice. Think there's room for me between you?

  4. As you can see there's hardly room for two...but there is enough chili for a crowd...

  5. Really great pic of the two of you, you should frame that one Frank - but I hope those windows are double-pane! Surely they must be or you guys wouldn't look so cozy sitting there.

  6. So sorry to have fallen behind on my reading. Hope the chili sits well with the liver. Liver & Chili?

    I love that photo in your tropical sunroom with the snowy backdrop. I wouldn't mind throwing snowballs to Benni, but I wouldn't last long!

  7. We actually keep the sunroom closed off most of the time in winter - and at about 35 - 40 degrees minimum. On a sunny day it warms up, the windows are double thermals - plus the propane heater makes it toasty when we have company or just want to sit and enjoy. We are very frugal with our heating.



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