Friday, January 4, 2013

A Brief Word On James Bond, "Skyfall"

WARNING: SPOILER, if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know the ending, read no more!

Just saw the new Bond film, Skyfall.  First time we've gone out to a movie in, probably six months or more.

Skyfall was a good flick for a date night with the hubby, but as far as James Bond movies go, Skyfall was a bit disappointing.  Very little glamour, glitz, or sex.  What there was, the casino, for example, was not glamourous but rather sinister; the sex was rather brief and uninteresting.  Even the villain was uninteresting - supposedly a computer hacker/genius, but didn't fit the part; he was more of just a creepy guy.

Bond was anything but slick or sophisticated or competent.  Supposedly that was the theme - he's an old, washed up spy who no longer has what it takes.

There were too many times where you expected him to overcome or outwit the bad guys, escape unharmed or use some fantastic new technological gadget.  They talked alot about old school, and it was.  The ending was disappointing as well, the bad guy dies anticlimactically and M, who Bond was on a mission to protect dies as well.

Personally, I don't want a washed up old spy who can't shoot straight.  Give me a Bond who can wipe out an army of bad guys without spilling his martini.


  1. I heard it was a bomb and plotless. All they show in the trailers are CGI effects and explosions.
    I'll wait until it hits cable like so many other movies out there.

  2. Sean Connery and Roger Moore were the best. I've not seen any of the Bond movies since their replacements came in - just from the trailers I can tell it wouldn't work for me. Like you, I want to see someone suave and invincible (after a few setbacks) in the role.

    I'f I'm gonna spend $20 bucks on a movie and popcorn, give me something to cheer about, for chrissake.

  3. Well, we are cheap as you must have figured out by now: a somewhat "local" theatre charges $7 adult and $5 seniors; It's the popcorn that will break the bank -Leon and I shared a children's popcorn/soda for $6 and there were folks spending over $60 on treats for a family of 4! Yikes!



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