Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recap: Warwick Castle

Here are a few photos of Warwick Castle.  It was quite impressive even though it has been taken over by Madame Tussaud's  Wax Museums.  They have done a good job recreating period figures and costumes without making it into Disneyland or a tacky tourist trap.  The castle architecture is pretty spectacular and the views are as well.  Some of these photos look like they've been taken from a low flying plane, but were taken from the hillside towers.  The countryside seems pristine with the green pastures, crisp trees and tidy cottages.

Looking down on  the loyal subjects
A medieval Bear in wax 

I'm building this in my garden at home this summer...


Stan commented that "everything seems so clean and neat".  I would agree.  Of course there are places along the highway where litter is scattered, but it seemed to me, less so than here in the States, particularly in the populated areas in the Northeast where litter is a real eyesore.

The English do have a sense of pride in their land and surroundings and tend to keep things tidy and clean.  In London, street sweepers and cleaning crews keep the streets clean and we saw a TV program about special crews that follow up on reports of "illegal tipping" which does not mean leaving marijuana for the waiter but rather is illegal dumping.  These crews not only clean up the debris but also can issue summons if they catch the culprits.  They have rules and laws and the do their best to enforce them - or at least try to ensure the desired effect.  Perhaps I am naive, but I think the US could learn a few lessons from the Brits.


  1. Are you having fun yet?


  2. Raulito,
    Actually the fun is over...we've been back for a week now and just getting to posting the pics, a few at a time.

  3. Those wax figures at Warwick Castle are eerily lifelike, aren't they?

    The parks in London when I was there were beautifully maintained but most buildings in the city looked dingy, and the Underground was filthy dirty - as if they'd never bothered to clean up all the dust and rubbish from the Blitz. I won't even talk about the toilets.

    But I do remember outdoors in London there were flowers everywhere you went, in pots or plots, all kinds all colors. A really nice touch.

  4. Things look much cleaner since they've banned the burning of coal. I guess they've been cleaning up the coal soot for years. As for flowers, there weren't many as it was too early in spring, but window boxes and gardens here and there were nicely in bloom with pansies, primrose and daffodils.



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