Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recap: Return to London for a Farewell

 When our tour of the UK was done, we were returned to London where we spent the final two days of our holiday.  While we did not do all of the "must do's" while in England, we did get a flavor for the country and for London.
 My overall impression: I am not a city person so London was a bit much.  It seemed to be a clean, vibrant city, very organized, where things run smoothly, very pricy, hip, full of young professionals and executive types. I enjoyed getting into the countryside to see the scenery.

Leon is ready to go back again.  He wants to rent a Long Boat and explore the country via its canals, of which there are hundreds.  Me, we'll I will push for somewhere WARM, some island with beaches and palm trees.
This crosswalk  button is just about  horse high

Now, I'm sure the one in Provincetown was the first
 The colorful side of London:

Their Photo-op or Mine?
I really was there

Last night in London
Dinner ala Delta


  1. It's really cool that you took a pic of a random hottie walking around :-)

  2. From the way you describe London is just the way I picture it. It's sad when vacations like that end but there's always the memories while we still have them.
    I'm with you as far as a warm place to go next. Especially after winters like we all just had.

  3. Didn't check out any gay bars in London? I wouldn't have either - too old for all that. Well seems like you had a swell trip and lots of good memories stored up. Glad for you.

  4. With a grueling tour schedule we were in bed by 10pm and, well, going to bars just doesn't do it for me anymore...



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