Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From the iPod

This post is a test to see how I can blog while on holiday in England. Not easy. I don't know how people text message with these things. And there is no way to upload photos from my camera to the iPod, as far as I know. I will be looking for computers at the B&B or hotel lobby. But this can work in a pinch. But a blog without pics?


  1. Ipod . . . is that that new exotic bean variety everybody's raving about? How do you connect the beans to your computer?

  2. This bean pod is Leon's music and video device which connects to everything - computer, TV, Leon, with or without wires, but NOT to a digital camera. So, while I can blog with it, I won't easily be able to post photos. Now, maybe the i-PAD would do photos, though I'm not certain.

  3. Ipad and ipod . . . you're making this up, right? Sounds like Frick and Frack to me.

  4. Yeah, I can't keep all the iThings straight. The iPod is the MP3 Player for music, but now for movies, photos, surfing the internet. It is just like an iPhone, except you can't make calls. The iPad is like a large iPod and like mini computer, a laptop without a cover or keyboard. I don't get the point - a laptop makes more sense. Anyhow, they change and "upgrade" so fast, who can keep up?



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