Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leon's Birthday

Today is Leon’s birthday – He is Forty-nine and...

He is Italian by osmosis – he has eaten enough home cooked Italian food in 22 years to maintain high levels of garlic and tomato sauce in his Irish blood. Even if it was all washed down with Diet Coke.

He loves cars – looking at cars, driving cars, washing cars and talking about cars and talking about cars and talking about cars.

He has a Better Than GPS sense of direction and memorizes every twist, turn, bump, pothole and landmark on any trip we’ve been on.

He is thoughtful and generous – always going the extra mile to help a friend or stranger. (Like when he towed a camper several hundred miles for a some people who’d broken down on the highway.)

He tips the waitresses too much and washes whoever’s car is in our driveway when they least expect it.

He likes water – seems he’s always playing in it and running the well dry.

He snores and denies it.

He loves TV and Movies and Netflix and iTunes. Any electronic gadget is his friend.

He laughs at TV shows that aren’t even funny.

He talks on the phone so much that I’ve suggested an implant.  He is our social director.

He is the one who knows what all the wires in back of the TV are for and how to connect them to make multimedia work.

He thinks he likes Martinis but I think he just likes the olives.

He works hard, but when he stops, he sure can be lazy.

He always seems to see a situation clearly for what it is – and acts thoughtfully, honestly and decisively. He doesn’t get bogged down with internal conflicts.

He always looks out for me, and seems to know what’s best.

He is my shoulder to cry on, my buddy to laugh with, my partner to walk with. He is my rock, my anchor during turbulent times. He is my best friend, my companion, my lover…forever my fiancé and my spousal equivalent but not yet my husband.

He is all this and more…and I love him dearly.

Happy Birthday Leon – I love you more than ever.

P.S. I looked for a Birthday card but they were all crap.
So this is your Birthday Card, Leon. (OK, so I'm cheap.  But I did make you a rather homely looking Carrot Cake.)

And here are some of the photos that we took over the past several years, some during our travels here and there. Flattering or not, I love the memories.


  1. Beautiful tribute to a great guy and a beloved spouse. Totally envious here; said a little prayer of thanks for such a happy couple, always so nice to see. All my best to Leon and many happy returns of the day to both of you.

  2. Thanks, Russ. We try not to take one another for granted, and try to keep in mind our many blessings. Thanks for the prayer...back at ya.

  3. Best wishes to Leon on his 49th.

    I had to laugh at the Italian via osmosis thing.

    All around a great tribute to your loved one.



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