Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clinton and Kaine Nail It!

Can't believe the vitriol on YouTube. My 2 cents:
Clinton and Kaine nailed it. They are, despite their mistakes, leaders who work for everyone's rights and best interests. Exposing Trump as an eminently UNQUALIFIED narcissist and charlatan who thinks ONLY HE "can fix it" when he's "fixed" absolutely NOTHING in his life - he's a taker, a manipulator, a crooked businessman, does anything for his own self-agrandizement and bank account who disposes of people like yesterday's trash when they no longer serve his whims, who is above the law and uses the law to sue those he calls his enemies into submission. I can't believe those who have drunk his Kool-aid can slough off his daily childish insults, lies and gaffs and ridiculous ideas. Too many to list. No political party is perfect, not is any candidate, but the bottom line is that the Democrats are the party of civil rights, work to better the lives of all through education and economic opportunities. So all you zombies, can stuff it.


  1. Now THIS is presidential and vice-presidential!!!

  2. Your last line, no doubt aimed at the Trumplodites and some Berners, is perfect.

  3. Kaine seems like an ordinary guy - your friendly next-door neighbor with a trim lawn and boring job - nothing spectacular, but perhaps that is just what we need right now, given the grotesque phantasmagoria on the other side.

  4. He has Jesuit sensibilities and has fought for the poor and disenfranchised as a civil rights lawyer.

  5. Yes, I heard a clip of Clinton's intro, and that's all to the good.



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