Friday, January 25, 2013

Remember Ice Nine?

Remember Kurt Vonnegut's novel, Cat's Cradle about the isotope of H2O called Ice Nine?  A single crystal could turn a lake or ocean solid.  Looks like someone's been dropping ice-nine in our waterfall....

Well, we haven't been this cold in Connecticut in several years.  Even at that, it's not as cold as I remember it being, even as recently as the early eighties.  But it is cold...enough to freeze over the local waterfall.  Hope it is warmer where you live.

We took a hike today to Buttermilk Falls to check out how the cold weather has worked its wonders... the falls are nicely frozen over - but you could hear the water running under the ice; the ice crust was pretty thick in most places, except on the flat areas between falls.  The falls are pretty in different ways at different times, and I've posted pictures of the falls before, but the icy falls are quite something.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is Buttermilk Falls, on ice:

Me and Benni

 The patterns of ice along the stream are pretty.  I suppose if you can't be under a palm tree on a beach in a tropical paradise, you might as well find some beauty in the nature you're stuck with...(hope that doesn't sound too envious).

My Honey -  Leon

Some pics of Leon and Benni on the foot bridge.  Benni doesn't seem to mind the cold at all.  He is happy to be out hiking (so is Leon, I think).
Leon and Benni


  1. The deep freeze is lifting in Providence. For example we're now into double digits overnight instead of the single digits last few days. That's a big difference, it means the heating system can keep up with it.

    This is all because the jet stream is dragging arctic air into the region. Once that jet stream rises a bit we'll get back to normal.

  2. I never knew waterfalls could freeze.
    Eerie pictures.

  3. I love every single one of these photos. But, holy crap, does it look cold!!!

    I don't know what we'd do. We dress like that when it gets below 50!

  4. Nice pics of winter wonderland . . . brrrr. I can't complain here, just down to 25 at night and often sunny and 45 in the daytime, tho this morning it's misty and gray. In fact, little patches of green (don't ask me what) are already starting to appear in the backyard. Spring will begin for us in two or three weeks, starting with daffodils - you guys take care and stay warm.



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