Friday, September 30, 2011

Climate Change

Here in Southern NewEngland the summer has been rainy, damp and humid - not typical, but perhaps not altogether unheard of.  The dampness has caused blight - both for gardeners earlier in  the season, affecting tomatoes and other crops - and now for leaf peepers, instead of vibrant reds, yellows and oranges, the leaf blight is causing browning and premature dropping of leaves.

On the brighter side, the Montauk Daisies are in bloom and they seem to have attracted some honey bees.  They are the first (presumably feral) honey bees I have seen in many years.  If so, this is quite an event, as feral honey bees in this area have been decimated by mites and pollution.

Now, the bible-thumping wing-nuts blame all the hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes on us gays and our supporters.  Are we also responsible for the sunshine, the flowers blooming and the bees returning?  God, we have some powerful magic.


  1. The Gays only do the bad things, Christian wingnuts bring all the good.

  2. Screw the wingnuts (hey, that's clever): We are definitely responsible for the sunshine, flowers, and honey bees!

  3. What Mitch said.

    Plus everything else fabulous in the world, natch.

  4. Received this note in response to an email to the State Dept of Agriculture:


    Good news. You have healthy honey bees in your area. After many years of absence, I have also noticed honey bees on some fall flowers at my home. It is a reassuring observation and good for all of us. Thanks for sending the nice pictures.


    Louis A. Magnarelli, Ph.D.
    The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station



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