Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My "Class" Issues and The Gay "Lifestyle"

Yes, OK, I have "class" issues.  I admit it.

I recently got a complimentary copy of "OUT", that snotty gay periodical that caters to the LA and NYC gay male with money to burn.  I've seen the mag here and there many times and there is nothing in it that I can relate to.  Take wardrobe for one.

One of their spreads features a Pea Coat ($1,290), a hand-knit Tank Top ($795), Boot-shoe ($215) a Necklace ($585) and Khaki Pants at a bargain ($64).  After that Pea-coat I don't even care to do the math.

Next page, a couple of bare chested boys modeling Shorts ($285) - each, I presume.

Here's my summer wardrobe additions:

Provincetown Sweatshirt (Some Tacky Souvenir Shop - $14.95), Dockers Shorts (Ocean State Job Lot, $4.95 with coupon), Swim Shorts (KMart, $5.95) and a pair of Haines Underwear and some Flip-Flops both from Kohls for $2.74 - with a $10 coupon).  Less than $29 - and I thought I paid too much for that sweatshirt.

I should start another Gay Lifestyle-oriented magazine for those with simpler taste and smaller bank accounts.  I think I should call it "OUCH!" (the magazine for Old, Ugly, Contented, Homos).  

It will feature articles on "Thrift Store Fashions", "Making Use of Leftovers", "Using Restaurant Coupons with Grace and Style", and "Getting Invited to Dinner Without Being Obvious".

Problem is, the target audience won't be able to pay for a subscription, and would Goodwill even take out an ad?


  1. I like "Out" but think i'm really more of an "OUCH".

    I'd buy that magazine.

  2. Hey Frank I am with you 100%, can I be a contributing editor to your mag? Those high-fashion prices are totally obscene, and a rip-off to boot. The quality of that fancy-priced crap nowhere near justifies the price, in fact it's often less good than what you buy at much cheaper prices.

    There was a time in my much younger life when I thought I couldn't wear anything that didn't come from a nice department store (the Macy's kind, not Neiman-Marcus). But I got over it. Now I get all my couture straight from Wally World, and ya know what? It suits me just fine and lasts forever. Enuff said.



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