Monday, November 28, 2022

Finally Discovering My Drag Personna (?)

A couple of weeks ago I recommended “From Scratch” on Netflix as we enjoyed it a lot. So we also recommended it to our neighbors, Susanne and Larry. They really liked it.

But over coffee Sunday, Susanne made a comment that took me off guard.

I should state that I have never been confused about my gender (I came out as gay rather late in life but definitely identified as male).

Susanne happened to mention that the old Sicilian woman/grandma/widow who was Lino’s mother, (Filomena played by Lucia Sardo) reminded her of me!!!

Lucia Sardo as Filomena

Filomena with her son Lino

That is the first time anyone ever told me I reminded them of an old Italian woman. (I'm sure I could have reminded her of Lino 40 years ago. - Leon says I was a real "Guido") But now...I'm a Filomena...

I’m thinking about getting an ankle length black dress and a pair of black low heels. Maybe a shawl too. I'll do drag as Filomena, or maybe Phil O'Meana...and my dream is to be featured on the YouTube channel “Pasta Grannies” …hmmm.

 As far as Old Italian women are concerned, here are my real Italian Grandmas

And my real Italian Grandpas


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have to have a dream to make it come true, Frank! Or perhaps Francesca?

Moving with Mitchell said...

You have definitely found her! Go find that dress, shawl, and wig. The photos are priceless. Grandpas look like they just agreed to a truce. Was someone’s daughter part of the deal? Son?

Russ Manley said...

Frank, did you ever see any of the "Tuna, Texas" shows? It's just two guys playing all the residents of a tiny town (young/ old/ male/ female), and it is hilarious! If you just must do the drag thing, get a couple of friends to do it with you - then film it - "Pasta Grannies Gone Wild"! OMG, I can just see it now. Grin.


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