Saturday, June 18, 2022

How to Reply to Comments

 If anyone on Blogger can point me to a setting or preference that would allow a blog author to reply directly to to a comment, I would appreciate know how to do that or if it is even possible. Seems to me it used to be a feature on Blogger. That is putting a reply to a comment as an indent under the comment you are replying to.

Also I am having a real hard time formatting (all crazy indentations and nothing lines up).

So I will offer some replies here:

Blogger Russ Manley said...

(exchanging glances with Mitchell, Debra, and Bob)
Hang in there, pardner. Things will get better soon.

BTW - what is this pye-row-jee you speak of?

Blogger Frank said...

It's peer-og-ee and they are basically Polish ravioli (stuffed with potato, or cabbage or farmers cheese and I think boiled...then you saute them with butter..yum). Our neighbor in New Britain, CT used to make them with the church ladies at the local Polish Catholic parish where they would sell them after Sunday Mass and she would always give us the ones "that weren't perfect" but they were perfect enough for us. CT "Yankees" are all kinds of ethnic ancestry and the food....


Blogger Russ Manley said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto.
All the wildfires are out now?


Blogger Frank said...

Russ, by no means are the wild fires in New Mexico out or contained.
I will post a separate post.

Blogger Moving with Mitchell said...

Glad you’re no currently at risk. I can’t imagine the air quality issues everywhere as a result.

Blogger Russ Manley said...

Thanks for the update, I had no idea. The fires have dropped out of the headlines on Google News.

I wonder what you and Leon think of the Park Service admitting they were responsible for starting this catastrophe? (At least, that's what the short summary I read seemed to indicate.)

Blogger Frank said...

Mitch, Fortunately the air where we live has been mostly tolerable except for some brief periods...either that or we've adapted to breathing smoke.

Russ, Leon works for Bureau of Land Management. Like many here in New Mexico we think the US Forest Service (not the Park Service) was totally foolish and irresponsible for doing "controlled burn" during the driest and during unprecedented winds, and in one case leaving a burn pile they thought was extinguished but which flared up again many days/weeks later. These fires have devastated hundreds of thousands of acre of forest.


And Debra and Bob: Always appreciate your comments as well. But I always have a problem commenting on your blog, Bob. Maybe it is me or my blogger settings or Firefox or Safari????

This is what I see, but cannot type into the space where it says Enter Comment:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Blogger's new comment box just sucks. Half the time my comments on other people's blogs go to their blog spam folder and vice versa. It's very annoying.

As for replying directly to comments -- certain of Blogger's Theme templates offer this feature and others don't, it seems. When you've got a very basic or a very old blog template (like I do), you can't get that feature. Believe me, I'd love to have it too, but I won't risk changing my blog template to get it.

Frank said...

Thanks, I agree about not wanting to change the template...

Russ Manley said...

Frank, in the last couple of years the bright boys and girls at Blogger have been tinkering with the system and fucking up what always used to work just fine. You are right, until fairly recently I could respond to individual comments but they took that away. And totally rearranged the "back page" where all the settings and stats and controls are. Pisses me off big time but what can I do? I don't even pay for this service and they have no complaint desk, so I guess we just have to take what they dish out.

But having said that, the system is annoying but it still works for my BT posts. I use Chrome, do you use another whatddayacallit?

Interesting about the perigees. Like ravioli but with cabbage and cheese. Two of our favorite things. I will have to tell M.P. to look that up. Never heard of them furrin things before.

But then on my one trip to Boston I couldn't get no grits or fried okra or blackeyed peas anywhere we ate. Guess you pays your money and takes your chances, huh. (Grin)

Bob said...

I changed my template to be able to answer to comments, but I don't know how to make it easier for anyone. Some comments on my blog go to Spam, so I check that folder often and publish the non-Spam ones.

Russ Manley said...


Wow, I can't believe the FOREST SERVICE set those fires on a HOT, WINDY day. Aren't they the same guys whose job it is to sit up in those high towers and scan constantly in all directions for the first glimpse of smoke??? Unfuckingbelievable.


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