Thursday, July 9, 2020

Just a few items from the garden.
The single corn stalk must have been planted by a bird...I know I didn't plant corn!

The tomatoes seem to be late this summer. Lots of green ones but nothing ripening even though the weather has been HOTTT.

The ground squirrel ate all the beet greens, then the Swiss chard, then the kale and most recently the green bean foliage and the parsley. I’m hoping the beets and Swiss chard and Kale will “recover” by growing some new shoots. I’ve covered what I could with bird netting and that seems to work to discourage the little devil.

The work of hungry ground squirrel
Despite the squirrel, there was a good three pounds of green (and yellow) beans today (I froze half) and some Italian frying peppers.

So it seemed like a good day for what I call my version of Chicken alla Cacciatore or what Leon calls “You ruined perfectly good green beans by putting them in tomato sauce” or Chicken and Peppers and Green Beans in Tomato Sauce.

I would have added mushrooms if I had some.

It’s just after 2pm and I am hungry.

 Let's not forget the flowers.
Sunflower ... I also did not plant sunflowers
Another wild sunflower
More wild flowers
Russian Sage
4 O'clocks
Day Lily

P.S. I am having an awful time with "Blogger" and not sure why. Has been going on for quite some time. Difficult to move photos; long captions will not go to next line when I hit "return"; pasting text activates "Link" puts everything in blue type and centers it. Have to remove formatting and left justify; photos don't all load and return error message...the list goes on. I have tried the "new blogger" and it looks horrible on my "reading list" - but have not tried it for composing posts. Mitchell and others seem to have no problem...every post you guys put up looks great and you seem to do it with such ease.


  1. lovely flowers & veggies you have. mitchell and dr. spo use wordpress, not blogger. stay safe, all 3 of you!

  2. Great pics - you seem to have a fine green thumb.

    No problems with Blogger for me yet - but I do dread the coming of "New" Blogger. The pointy-headed little boys and girls who run the modern world just can't stand to leave anything alone - especially if it's been working just fine for many years. "New and improved" always means senseless changes, and sometimes FUBAR.

    I hate updates.

  3. I haven't been on blogger for some years now. I'm on Wordpress.

    Anyway, your garden looks delicious and beautiful. Nice "volunteers"! Sweet corn and sunflowers.

  4. P.S.: Thanks for the compliment. Wordpress has its issues, as well. The big difference is, if I have a problem and want help, all I have to do is ask. I had serious problems with Blogger and could never get a direct response to any of my requests.

  5. Mmmm, those green and yellow beans look delicious!



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