Friday, October 4, 2019

If You Like Happy Endings and Need A Break From Reality

Saw the Downton Abby movie this week. This was maybe the 4th or 5th movie I've seen in a theatre in four years...worth the trip.

If you watched the series on PBS, it was like coming home to see old friends.

Beautiful cinematography, spectacular sets, fine acting, humor, drama, fantasy, escapism. Two hours away from current events.

I'm not sure how a liberal, working class, anti-oligarchy old guy like me can come to actually like the English aristocrats in Downton Abby but...well, their servants seem to like them pretty well. So I'm in good company. Recommended.


  1. I am an Anglophile but don't watch Downton Abbey. However, Maggie Smith is always a delight to see in any show.

    "No applause, don't encourage him." Funniest.line.ever.

  2. Someone should rescind your gay credentials. I'm no Anglophile and often have difficulty understanding that foreign language, but even I liked Downton Abby.

  3. I'm sure this will be a blockbuster movie. So many people adore Downton Abbey!

  4. It's a matter of principle with me, which cannot be explained briefly in a blog comment. So keep enjoying your show, and the marvelous Dame Maggie.



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