Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day to Day in New Mexico

Life in New Mexico is pretty good...Lots of sunshine, outdoor activities, museums, cooking, eating, walking with dogs.

I've hiked Kasha Katuwe - Tent Rocks National Monument four times since November. It's 2 miles up and 2 miles back with a vertical rise of 630 feet to an altitude of approximately 6385 feet. Not bad for an old guy.

The last two times were this month when I went as an official volunteer to help my hubby, Ranger Leon, with trail maintenance. We put up roping to hopefully keep people from going off trail onto fragile tuff rock and causing erosion of the areas to the sides of the trail.

Off trail offenders seem to be increasing according to the rangers there. The damage to the unique and beautiful landscape is deplorable. Rangers are down to a bare bones staffing and cannot be out on the trails much of the time.


I am going to get myself in trouble here: As far as new Mexican/Mexican cuisine goes, I'm pretty much bored with it. It all seems like much the same things in different wraps. Or a few different things in the same wraps. Or posole, (grits) or carne adovada or rice and beans or everything smothered in red or green chili so that even different dishes taste alike. There doesn't seem to be any creative differences in dishes from one burrito factory to the next restaurant. Green chile cheeseburgers, green chile mac and cheese, chile ice cream, burritos smothered in red and green you get the picture? It mostly looks like they put everything into a food processor and dump it onto a tortilla. I think it was developed to disguise the taste of spoiled meat with hotness. Boy am I in for a lecture by Mexican food lovers...

Give me Italian any day. When I'm  not out hiking or doing yard work or surfing the net, I'm usually grocery shopping or cooking. My idols are Lidia Bastianich, Mary Ann Esposito, Clara, and, yes, Giada DeLaurentiis.

I cook lots of Italian dishes (see my blog Dinner's Ready) and variations thereof.

This morning I made bread dough for calzones and a loaf of Italian bread. We had calzones tonight. One stuffed with spinach, sausage and potato; the other with ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella.

The bread is for tomorrow, but I snuck a piece with butter just a while ago and I said it was better than chocolate cake!

One of these days I'll make a video of me making bread dough - the old fashioned way...

Walking with dogs:

Landscaping - still not done:

Museum - the Hippie Days:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmm, those calzones look good!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Ah, your culinary creations. I love calzones and whenever I've found them in restaurants in recent years, they've been cheap imitations. Yours is obviously the real thing.


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