Friday, May 23, 2014

Backyard Flora

I used to get annoyed with the plants that grew in our yard in places that I might have preferred to grow cultivars with healthy foliage and big showy flowers.

Some of these plants, which heretofore I've called "weeds" grow tenaciously and vigorously, spreading their offspring like dandelions. They seem to grow so well in those places where they're not wanted while I struggle to keep the garden flowers, vegetables and even the lawn growing in defined areas free of weeds. It is sometimes a losing battle - I have bare patches in the lawn, but beautiful green grass growing in the vegetable garden; some of the pretty things like Lily of the Valley, violets and day lilies seem to invade and spread like weeds in the vegetable and flower gardens.

This year, perhaps older and a little wiser, and on an increasingly tight garden budget, I've decided to appreciate the flora provided by mother nature, where ever she decides to plant.

So here is a sample of what nature has provided in our "naturalized" landscape here in our little corner of Connecticut.
White Bluets
Blue Bluets
Lily of the Valley
Canada Mayflower (Wild Lily of the Valley)
Common Fern 
Another Common Fern
Don't know
Don't know
Don't know
Yarrow (I think)
Yarrow (I think)
Smoke Tree (cultivar)
Very Tenacious but I don't know its name
Don't know
Anemone ?
Wild Blueberry
Don't know
Canada Mayflower (Wild Lily of the Valley)

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  1. Like what you have posted! My "garden" is in pots on my balcony. At present I've cut a lot back getting ready for winter. Hugs, Patrick



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