Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From My File Cabinet - 6 Creative Writing Exercise

This little ditty was written in a creative writing class - during a 3-minute exercise in which we were required to use the words "Manhattan Kansas".  Interesting how the mind works in a spontaneous moment...

"I'm glad that's over." Gary said as he raised the whisky glass and took a good gulp.  He put the cigarette to his lips with the other hand and drew a lung-full of smoke. "I hate weddings in general," he added as the smoke escaped through his mouth and nose, making curly-cues around his face, " and I especially hate being in wedding parties".

"Well," John replied, "You held up pretty well in spite of it and I'm sure my brother and my folks appreciated it.  And, it was kind of fun being best man and having you in the wedding party too.  I couldn't help thinking that someday the two of us could be exchanging vows, right here, in Manhattan, Kansas!"

Note to Gary and John: Don't hold your breath.  Thanks to Joe My God for this timely tidbit about anti-gay discrimination in Kansas.

1 comment:

Russ Manley said...

Pretty good for a 3-minute job!

But I'm not holding my breath down here in TX either.


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