Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not Just Your Everyday Walk in The Park - Unless You Live There

You know when you've "been there" and "done that" so many times you just don't want to go to the same hiking trail, the same lake, the same river, the same restaurant, the same highway.  Starting a holiday weekend with the prospect of doing the "same old things", Leon suggested checking out the greenway along the Hudson River in Manhattan for a change.
What Were They Thinking?
AT&T' Thinks Their
"Bottle-Brush"Cell Tower Blends?
Free parking in NYC?  Yes, but I noticed that the cars in front and behind us were dented, faded, peeling and old.   So, if someone is going to steal a car, whose are they going to go for?  And Leon had to go wash the car before we left. 

So we drove the hour and a half into the city, found a parking spot on Riverside Drive and descended down below to the river bank.  NYC has preserved practically the entire Riverside for parkland and recreation. We started at about 155th Street and walked north as far as the GWB.  Probably all told, up and back was just under 4 miles.
A View of GWB Near Our Starting Point
An Old Gate
Wasn't This a Great Idea, Honey?

This was the hottest day of the season so far and we drive to NYC to go for a walk?  If we had bicycles instead of a dog, it would be a great place to ride.  Lot's of cyclists were out today.
Me and Benni Taking a Break
A Different View of the Bridge

A Law I Can Live With
Way Out
Doors of Art Institute
A Quaint Little Place on Riverside Drive
Now That's a Stone Wall

It was an interesting day.  And after the walk we drove to North Bronx to visit Michael and Becky.
Oh, no! It's You Guys!
Had a real nice visit and a cookout in the courtyard - grilled shrimp and burgers and salads and sangria.  The day turned out pretty well and was a nice alternative to "been there, done that" - even though I was whooped and dozed off on the ride home.  I just can't keep up the pace like I did at 60.

Leon is determined to do it again and cover a different part of the greenway.  I can't wait.
I Hope You're Happy!
From Trinity Cemetery to GWB


  1. NYC is full of wonderful surprises. Thanks for the great pics.

  2. Sounds like an excellent day. Benni certainly looks happy! I like the GWB - the structure is quite industrial which I think rather suits it.

  3. Driving into New York City to take a walk in a green, open space? What a very startling thought.

  4. I'm always fascinated by the infrastructure of large cities like NY. It amazes me how walkways and tunnels and parks and transportation is integrated. Let alone how the systems of water, sewer, trash collection, food delivery, and electricity serve the millions of residents.

    I think it might be fun to take the bicycles next time, provided it is cooler weather.

    I've added the map section of our walk from Trinity Cemetery to the GWB.

  5. Looks like a beautiful walk, and the pictures are gorgeous.

    But, um, THAT'S a cell phone tower? Oy!



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