Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer '08

Just returned from vacation. Not the best as far as vacations go. Was looking forward to a quiet, relaxing time, but unfortunately we picked the wrong week. Seems like it was Party Week at one of the Gay Campgrounds in PA, with the disco blaring 'till 2 AM almost every night. Because we were situated close to the disco, the thump, thump, thump was nerve wracking. The whole scene was utterly juvenile and ridiculous. Nearly every planned event involved the distribution of alcohol of some kind or another. Tropical drinks in test tubes, slushies, and some "Mommy Dearest" game that required drinking on cue while watching the movie. Not to mention the BYOB parties at the nightly disco. Not only were the nights unbearable, the constant music poolside during the day made even that normally pleasant experience miserable. These people seem to be catering to a party crowd with absolutely no consideration for other tastes. Not likely to return anytime soon.

Being home makes us appreciate what is in our own backyard, to use a cliche from Dorothy. The opuntia are blooming in the Cactus Garden.

These are native to the Northeast - growing wild on Martha's Vineyard and Jersey Shore. The potted ones are from the Arizona, California and New Mexico desert and from Florida. The potted ones come in to the sun room in winter. Some, like the big dinner plate Opuntia, (not shown) go down in the basement, bare root.

the veggie garden is coming along - we've picked lettuce, Swiss chard, basil,and green beans so far.

There are wild blueberries

among the mountain laurel and all kinds of birds chirping in the woods. Saw a big owl perched on the wooden compost enclosure this evening. The woodpeckers and cardinals are always around. There is an occasional gold finch or humming bird. We need to get a humming bird feeder.

Stone walkway made with rocks from the property.

Our outdoor shower is just delightful - it is my attempt at a Zen garden.

We spend lots of time outdoors in summer and cooking out and eating our meals outdoors is routine.

The plants are getting too big - like the Strelitzia nicolai.
It also has some Birds of Paradise sharing the pot. Dragging it in in the fall and out in the spring is getting to be a chore.


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