Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another Gay Popcorn Movie from Netflix - Hurricane Bianca

OK. We all need a break from the daily reports about the disaster in the White House and all the depressing news about how our world and all its safeguards are being dismantled by executive order and draconian legislation....

So here is a Campy Netflix Movie to warm your heart and bring a smile to that troubled countenance.

A gay male science teacher gets fired in Texas, of course, (sorry Russ) and somehow is able to return - in outrageous drag - as a female science teacher and get his revenge.

Yes, this is so over the top. The drag outfits are over the top, the situations are over the top, the whole premise is preposterous.

But if it doesn't make you laugh or at least root for Bianca, then you are worse off than I am.

Link here


  1. They have shown this on our gay TV channel here in Canada. I missed it the first time but I'm sure they'll show it again. Glad to hear it's fun to watch!

  2. Wasn't able to watch it this weekend but we have got this on the list. Thanks for the tip!



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