Monday, April 27, 2015

Connecticut Pride Hikers

I was waiting for the email with the group photo that was promised before posting this, but whoever was going to do that hasn't yet. 5/5/15 Here it is:

Joined a group hike on Saturday for a hike in Black Rock State Park which is only about 15 minutes from our house. I'd never hiked there before. It was a comfortable 2 hour hike, slightly strenuous on the way up, but nothing a 67 year old like me couldn't handle. (I have to use that number once in a while because I tend to live in denial most of the time.)

CT Pride Hikers have been around for years, but for some reason I only learned about the group last year. Their once-monthly event seems to fall on weekends when we have other things already planned. Glad I was available for Saturday's hike. Leon was working.

Nice group and the dog, Benni, enjoyed the hike as well. I don't believe I didn't get Benni in a photo! Yes, he is in the second one, standing next to me. But just barely the top of his head and back in the photo - he's wearing a nice bandana.

 So sad that people feel the need to "graffiti" the rocks.

Lunch at the Goose and Gander afterwards was very nice. Had worked up an appetite, for sure. (But when DON'T I have an appetite?)


  1. Wonderful! I actually know the Goose & Gander. When we lived in Guilford, we met a "guide" there before heading out on a midnight owl prowl. It was in the early '90s. The guide turned out to be drunk and got us lost in the woods. But we DID manage to attract some owls.

  2. I count about 2 dozen in your hiking group - from my tiny perspective out here on the prairie, seems amazing. Good for you.



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