Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What a Difference 50 Years Has Made

Here's a little eye candy and some music for the kids.

It is amazing that young people today have some out and proud gay pop music stars that they can relate to. Though I don't know how widespread Steve Grand's fans are or how popular his music is among young people or how much exposure he gets in the music media.

Came across Steve Grand some time ago on one of the blogs. I'm not crazy about his lyrics or even the music, but the video shows gay guys having relationships with fun and tenderness and infatuation and all the things we only vaguely imagined in a contorted, convoluted way as adolescents in 1963.

Back in 1963 only the girls screamed when the Beach Boys performed while many of us gay boys just watched in silence and tried to imagine, unsatisfactorily, that the Boys might, in some alternative universe, be singing to us. After all, we were not the Surfer Girl, but wanted to be with the Surfer Boy...somehow it just didn't work and always left us feeling empty and alienated.
Now, young gay people can see and hear about gay love and infatuation and emotional bonding in a real-life context. They can see others in normal, everyday situations acting like young people.

Here's another video by Steve Grand, about falling in love with a straight friend. Have we all been there? Unfortunately, I was never as sexy or good looking as these guys.


  1. The problem with young Steve is, he *knows* he's pretty - so his vids are more exhibition than entertainment. Maybe he will learn better as he grows, I think he's only like 22 or something.

    But yes, 50 years has made quite a difference - our generation is well used to listening to pop songs and mentally transposing the pronoun references, aren't we? But the next generation will I hope be able to live freely and develop a normal social life as they grow up, like their straight peers. Something we were denied.

  2. I think he did modeling, so yeah, he knows he's pretty. Back in the 60s and 70s guys didn't much go to the gym, and gay guys even less so. Now, urban gays in their 20's and 30's who don't go to a gym are probably the exception. I never had braces either - my old time dentist wouldn't have known they even had such a thing.



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