Monday, June 10, 2013

Gay Pride Month - Before Stonewall - A Song by Ten Percent Review

Happy Gay Pride Month!

Here is a very moving song by Ten Percent Review/Tom Wilson Weinberg*
with some of my own photos of Gay Pride and Rainbow flags. Remembering those who came before us and our own part in the struggle for equal rights.

*Just a note about Ten Percent Review: I bought their tape at a Gay Pride event back in the 1980's and I purchased the digital album recently. Their songs are fun, irreverent, political, and just plain gay.

I like their take on the Supreme Court and the Supremes: "Ain't no court supreme enough to keep me from my dreams". 

And my favorite is the Wedding Song, "We had no wedding, no ceremony, no matrimony, we're just we"; which for many of us rings true - at least until recently in some states, and hopefully in all the US soon.


  1. Nice song and photo collage

    "Scattered pictures,
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were"

  2. Poignant song, nice pics of you guys.



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